EQUILIBRIUM – Born To Be Epic (x1.25 Speed Cover)

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I’ve been a massive Equilibrium fan for years, and I’ve been waiting for quite a while to get all the skills required to fully cover one of their songs myself. So, to push the fun a bit further, I chose their song which is already a parody, increased the tempo by 25% (because I always felt it sounded better when played a little faster), and added some more parody of their clip in my own video. Guys, this was all a blast πŸ˜€

Tell me in the comments if you would like to see more sped up covers like this one!


Guitars and instrumental by: Alex Luss
Arrangement by: Dorelia Bast & Alex Luss
Mixed & mastered by: Alex Luss
Video edited by: Alex Luss


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Audio material:
– Chapman ML-7S
– Ibanez RGIR27FE
– Aston Origin
– Alesis VI49
– Steinberg UR22 mkII
– Yamaha HS7


Original by: Equilibrium
Album: Armageddon
Song: Born To Be Epic

~~ Lyrics ~~

I walk on fire alone
And still consider it’s cold
I call volcanos my home
If they erupt I see gold

I walk on mountains of ice
And still consider it’s warm
Right to the top would be nice
10.000 miles are my norm

No mission too hard
No challenge too big
Because I was born
Born to be epic

I fly in heaven so high
And still consider it’s deep
There is no fear in my eyes
Around the planet I leap

I crawl to the center of earth
Deep down to find our birth
Faster I head to my goal
To spread my Rock’n’Roll!


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